chrono::ChAssembly::IteratorPhysicsItems Class Reference


Iterator to scan through ALL physics items (bodies, links, 'other' physics items, contact container).

Note, for performance reasons, if you know in advance that you are going to scan only ChBody items, the IteratorBodies is faster (same for IteratorLinks). Use IteratorPhysicsItems for generic cases.

#include <ChAssembly.h>

Public Member Functions

 IteratorPhysicsItems (ChAssembly *msys)
IteratorPhysicsItemsoperator= (const IteratorPhysicsItems &other)
bool operator== (const IteratorPhysicsItems &other)
bool operator!= (const IteratorPhysicsItems &other)
IteratorPhysicsItemsoperator++ ()
std::shared_ptr< ChPhysicsItemoperator* ()
bool HasItem ()