chrono::ChConstraintTwoTuplesContactNall Class Reference


This is enough to use dynamic_casting<> to detect all template types from ChConstraintTwoTuplesContactN.

#include <ChConstraintTwoTuplesContactN.h>

Inheritance diagram for chrono::ChConstraintTwoTuplesContactNall:

Public Member Functions

double GetFrictionCoefficient ()
 Get the friction coefficient.
void SetFrictionCoefficient (double mcoeff)
 Set the friction coefficient.
double GetCohesion ()
 Get the cohesion.
void SetCohesion (double mcoh)
 Set the cohesion.

Protected Attributes

double friction
 the friction coefficient 'f', for sqrt(Tx^2+Ty^2)<f*Nz
double cohesion
 the cohesion 'c', positive, if any, for sqrt(Tx^2+Ty^2)<f*(Nz+c)