chrono::ChFunctorArchiveOut Class Referenceabstract


Functor to call the ArchiveOUT function for unrelated classes that implemented them.

This helps stripping out the templating, to make ChArchiveOut easier and equippable with virtual functions. Also use this to call ArchiveOUTconstructor.

#include <ChArchive.h>

Inherited by chrono::ChFunctorArchiveOutSpecific< TClass >.

Public Member Functions

virtual void CallArchiveOut (ChArchiveOut &marchive)=0
 Use this to call ArchiveOut member function.
virtual void CallArchiveOutConstructor (ChArchiveOut &marchive)=0
 Use this to call (optional) member function ArchiveOUTconstructor. More...
virtual std::string & GetRegisteredName ()=0
 Get registered name in class factory. More...
virtual const char * GetTypeidName ()=0
 Get platform-dependent typeid name.
virtual int GetClassVersion ()=0
 Get class version, if class version is registered, otherwise defaults 0.
virtual bool IsNull ()=0
 Tell if it is a null pointer.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void chrono::ChFunctorArchiveOut::CallArchiveOutConstructor ( ChArchiveOut marchive)
pure virtual

Use this to call (optional) member function ArchiveOUTconstructor.

This is expected to serialize constructor parameters if any. If ArchiveOUTconstructor is not provided, simply does nothing.

virtual std::string& chrono::ChFunctorArchiveOut::GetRegisteredName ( )
pure virtual

Get registered name in class factory.

If type is not previously registered, returns a "" string.