chrono::collision::ChBroadPhaseCallback Class Referenceabstract


Class to be used as a callback interface for the broad-phase collision system.

For each 'near enough' pair of shapes found during the Run() execution of the ChCollisionSystem, the function ChBroadPhaseCallback() is called. The user could optionally implement an inherited class and implement a custom BroadCallback().

#include <ChCCollisionSystem.h>

Public Member Functions

virtual bool BroadCallback (ChCollisionModel *mmodelA, ChCollisionModel *mmodelB)=0
 Callback used to report 'near enough' pairs of models. More...

Member Function Documentation

virtual bool chrono::collision::ChBroadPhaseCallback::BroadCallback ( ChCollisionModel mmodelA,
ChCollisionModel mmodelB 
pure virtual

Callback used to report 'near enough' pairs of models.

This must be implemented by a child class of ChBroadPhaseCallback. Return false to skip narrow-phase contact generation for this pair of bodies.

mmodelApass 1st model
mmodelBpass 2nd model