chrono::vehicle::LugreTire Class Reference


LuGre tire constructed with data from file (JSON format).

#include <LugreTire.h>

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Public Member Functions

 LugreTire (const std::string &filename)
 LugreTire (const rapidjson::Document &d)
virtual double GetRadius () const override
 Get the tire radius.
virtual int GetNumDiscs () const override
 Return the number of discs used to model this tire.
virtual const double * GetDiscLocations () const override
 Return the laterla disc locations. More...
virtual double GetNormalStiffness () const override
 Return the vertical tire stiffness (for normal force calculation).
virtual double GetNormalDamping () const override
 Return the vertical tire damping coefficient (for normal force calculation).
virtual void SetLugreParams () override
 Set the parameters in the LuGre friction model.
virtual void AddVisualizationAssets (VisualizationType vis) override
 Add visualization assets for the rigid tire subsystem.
virtual void RemoveVisualizationAssets () overridefinal
 Remove visualization assets for the rigid tire subsystem.
- Public Member Functions inherited from chrono::vehicle::ChLugreTire
 ChLugreTire (const std::string &name)
virtual void Initialize (std::shared_ptr< ChBody > wheel, VehicleSide side) override
 Initialize this tire system and enable visualization of the discs. More...
double GetWidth () const
 Get the tire width. More...
virtual TireForce GetTireForce (bool cosim=false) const override
 Get the tire force and moment. More...
virtual void Synchronize (double time, const WheelState &wheel_state, const ChTerrain &terrain) override
 Update the state of this tire system at the current time. More...
virtual void Advance (double step) override
 Advance the state of this tire by the specified time step.
void SetStepsize (double val)
 Set the value of the integration step size for the underlying dynamics.
double GetStepsize () const
 Get the current value of the integration step size.
- Public Member Functions inherited from chrono::vehicle::ChTire
 ChTire (const std::string &name)
virtual double GetSlipAngle () const
 Get the tire slip angle. More...
virtual double GetLongitudinalSlip () const
 Get the tire longitudinal slip. More...
virtual double GetCamberAngle () const
 Get the tire camber angle. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from chrono::vehicle::ChPart
 ChPart (const std::string &name)
 Construct a vehicle subsystem with the specified name. More...
const std::string & GetName () const
 Get the name identifier for this track shoe subsystem.
void SetName (const std::string &name)
 Set the name identifier for this track shoe subsystem.
void SetVisualizationType (VisualizationType vis)
 Set the visualization mode for this subsystem.
void SetContactFrictionCoefficient (float friction_coefficient)
 Set coefficient of friction. More...
void SetContactRestitutionCoefficient (float restitution_coefficient)
 Set coefficient of restitution. More...
void SetContactMaterialProperties (float young_modulus, float poisson_ratio)
 Set contact material properties. More...
void SetContactMaterialCoefficients (float kn, float gn, float kt, float gt)
 Set contact material coefficients. More...
float GetCoefficientFriction () const
 Get coefficient of friction for contact material.
float GetCoefficientRestitution () const
 Get coefficient of restitution for contact material.
float GetYoungModulus () const
 Get Young's modulus of elasticity for contact material.
float GetPoissonRatio () const
 Get Poisson ratio for contact material.
float GetKn () const
 Get normal stiffness coefficient for contact material.
float GetKt () const
 Get tangential stiffness coefficient for contact material.
float GetGn () const
 Get normal viscous damping coefficient for contact material.
float GetGt () const
 Get tangential viscous damping coefficient for contact material.

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from chrono::vehicle::ChTire
static bool disc_terrain_contact (const ChTerrain &terrain, const ChVector<> &disc_center, const ChVector<> &disc_normal, double disc_radius, ChCoordsys<> &contact, double &depth)
 Perform disc-terrain collision detection. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from chrono::vehicle::ChLugreTire
double m_sigma0 [2]
 Lugre friction model parameters (longitudinal/lateral)
double m_sigma1 [2]
double m_sigma2 [2]
double m_Fc [2]
double m_Fs [2]
double m_vs [2]
 Stribeck velocity.
- Protected Attributes inherited from chrono::vehicle::ChTire
VehicleSide m_side
 tire mounted on left/right side
std::shared_ptr< ChBodym_wheel
 associated wheel body
- Protected Attributes inherited from chrono::vehicle::ChPart
std::string m_name
float m_friction
 contact coefficient of friction
float m_restitution
 contact coefficient of restitution
float m_young_modulus
 contact material Young modulus
float m_poisson_ratio
 contact material Poisson ratio
float m_kn
 normal contact stiffness
float m_gn
 normal contact damping
float m_kt
 tangential contact stiffness
float m_gt
 tangential contact damping

Member Function Documentation

virtual const double* chrono::vehicle::LugreTire::GetDiscLocations ( ) const

Return the laterla disc locations.

These locations are relative to the tire center.

Implements chrono::vehicle::ChLugreTire.