chrono::ChFrame< Real > Member List

This is the complete list of members for chrono::ChFrame< Real >, including all inherited members.

ArchiveIn(ChArchiveIn &archive)chrono::ChFrame< Real >inlinevirtual
ArchiveOut(ChArchiveOut &archive)chrono::ChFrame< Real >inlinevirtual
ChFrame(const ChVector3< Real > &v=ChVector3< Real >(0, 0, 0), const ChQuaternion< Real > &q=ChQuaternion< Real >(1, 0, 0, 0))chrono::ChFrame< Real >inlineexplicit
ChFrame(const ChVector3< Real > &v, const ChMatrix33< Real > &R)chrono::ChFrame< Real >inline
ChFrame(const ChCoordsys< Real > &C)chrono::ChFrame< Real >inlineexplicit
ChFrame(const ChVector3< Real > &v, const Real angle, const ChVector3< Real > &u)chrono::ChFrame< Real >inline
ChFrame(const ChFrame< Real > &other)chrono::ChFrame< Real >inline
ConcatenatePostTransformation(const ChFrame< Real > &F)chrono::ChFrame< Real >inline
ConcatenatePreTransformation(const ChFrame< Real > &F)chrono::ChFrame< Real >inline
Equals(const ChFrame< Real > &other) constchrono::ChFrame< Real >inline
Equals(const ChFrame< Real > &other, Real tol) constchrono::ChFrame< Real >inline
FmuChronoComponentBase (defined in chrono::ChFrame< Real >)chrono::ChFrame< Real >friend
GetCoordsys() constchrono::ChFrame< Real >inline
GetInverse() constchrono::ChFrame< Real >inline
GetPos() constchrono::ChFrame< Real >inline
GetRot() constchrono::ChFrame< Real >inline
GetRotAngle() constchrono::ChFrame< Real >inline
GetRotAxis() constchrono::ChFrame< Real >inline
GetRotMat() constchrono::ChFrame< Real >inline
Invert()chrono::ChFrame< Real >inlinevirtual
m_csyschrono::ChFrame< Real >protected
m_rmatchrono::ChFrame< Real >protected
Move(const ChVector3< Real > &v)chrono::ChFrame< Real >inline
Move(const ChCoordsys< Real > &C)chrono::ChFrame< Real >inline
Normalize()chrono::ChFrame< Real >inline
operator!=(const ChFrame< Real > &other) constchrono::ChFrame< Real >inline
operator*(const ChFrame< Real > &F) constchrono::ChFrame< Real >inline
operator*(const ChVector3< Real > &v) constchrono::ChFrame< Real >inline
operator*=(const ChFrame< Real > &F)chrono::ChFrame< Real >inline
operator/(const ChVector3< Real > &v) constchrono::ChFrame< Real >inline
operator=(const ChFrame< Real > &other)chrono::ChFrame< Real >inline
operator==(const ChFrame< Real > &other) constchrono::ChFrame< Real >inline
operator>>(const ChFrame< Real > &F) constchrono::ChFrame< Real >inline
operator>>=(const ChFrame< Real > &F)chrono::ChFrame< Real >inline
operator>>=(const ChVector3< Real > &v)chrono::ChFrame< Real >inline
operator>>=(const ChQuaternion< Real > &q)chrono::ChFrame< Real >inline
operator>>=(const ChCoordsys< Real > &C)chrono::ChFrame< Real >inline
SetCoordsys(const ChCoordsys< Real > &C)chrono::ChFrame< Real >inline
SetCoordsys(const ChVector3< Real > &v, const ChQuaternion< Real > &q)chrono::ChFrame< Real >inline
SetIdentity()chrono::ChFrame< Real >inlinevirtual
SetPos(const ChVector3< Real > &pos)chrono::ChFrame< Real >inline
SetRot(const ChQuaternion< Real > &q)chrono::ChFrame< Real >inline
SetRot(const ChMatrix33< Real > &R)chrono::ChFrame< Real >inline
TransformDirectionLocalToParent(const ChVector3< Real > &d) constchrono::ChFrame< Real >inline
TransformDirectionParentToLocal(const ChVector3< Real > &d) constchrono::ChFrame< Real >inline
TransformLocalToParent(const ChFrame< Real > &F) constchrono::ChFrame< Real >inline
TransformParentToLocal(const ChFrame< Real > &F) constchrono::ChFrame< Real >inline
TransformPointLocalToParent(const ChVector3< Real > &v) constchrono::ChFrame< Real >inline
TransformPointParentToLocal(const ChVector3< Real > &v) constchrono::ChFrame< Real >inline
TransformWrenchLocalToParent(const ChWrench< Real > &w) constchrono::ChFrame< Real >inline
TransformWrenchParentToLocal(const ChWrench< Real > &w) constchrono::ChFrame< Real >inline
~ChFrame() (defined in chrono::ChFrame< Real >)chrono::ChFrame< Real >inlinevirtual