chrono::cosimul Namespace Reference


Namespace with classes for the cosimulation module.


class  ChCosimulation
 Class for co-simulation interface. More...
class  ChExceptionSocket
 Class for exceptions that are thrown by TCP socket connections, used for example when connecting with other sw for co-simulation. More...
class  ChHostInfo
 Class for storing information about a TCP host in socket communication, ex with an IP address. More...
class  ChSocket
 Base class for sockets. More...
class  ChSocketTCP
 This is a specialized type of socket: the TCP socket. More...
class  ChSocketFramework
 A single object of this class must be instantiated before using all classes related to sockets, because it initializes some platform-specific settings. More...


enum  hostType { NAME, ADDRESS }


ostream & operator<< (ostream &io, ChSocket &s)


const int HOST_NAME_LENGTH = 64
const int MSG_HEADER_LEN = 6
const int MAX_RECV_LEN = 8096
const int MAX_MSG_LEN = 1024
const int PORTNUM = 1200