chrono::ChClassRegistrationBase Class Referenceabstract


Base class for all registration data of classes whose objects can be created via a class factory.

#include <ChClassFactory.h>

Inheritance diagram for chrono::ChClassRegistrationBase:

Public Member Functions

virtual void * create ()=0
 The signature of create method for derived classes. Calls new().
virtual void * archive_in_create (ChArchiveIn &archive_in)=0
 Call the ArchiveInConstructor(ChArchiveIn&) function if available (deserializes constructor params and return new()), otherwise just call new().
virtual void archive_in (ChArchiveIn &archive_in, void *ptr)=0
 Call the ArchiveIn(ChArchiveIn&) function if available, populating an already existing object.
virtual void archive_out_constructor (ChArchiveOut &archive_out, void *ptr)=0
virtual void archive_out (ChArchiveOut &archive_out, void *ptr)=0
virtual std::type_index get_type_index ()=0
 Get the type_index of the class.
virtual std::string & get_tag_name ()=0
 Get the name used for registering.
virtual bool is_polymorphic ()=0
 Tells if the class is polymorphic.
virtual bool is_default_constructible ()=0
 Tells if the class is default constructible.
virtual bool is_abstract ()=0
 Tells if the class is abstract.
virtual bool has_ArchiveInConstructor ()=0
 Tells if it implements the function.
virtual bool has_ArchiveIn ()=0
 Tells if it implements the function.
virtual bool has_ArchiveOutConstructor ()=0
 Tells if it implements the function.
virtual bool has_ArchiveOut ()=0
 Tells if it implements the function.

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