chrono::ChHydraulicThrottleValve Class Reference


ChHydraulicThrottleValve - a semi-empirical model of a throttle valve Schematic:

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#include <ChHydraulicCircuit.h>

Public Member Functions

void SetParameters (double valve_diameter, double oil_density, double linear_limit, double Cd)
 Set valve parameters. More...
double ComputeVolumeFlow (double p1, double p2)
 Compute volume flow through the valve.

Member Function Documentation

◆ SetParameters()

void chrono::ChHydraulicThrottleValve::SetParameters ( double  valve_diameter,
double  oil_density,
double  linear_limit,
double  Cd 

Set valve parameters.

valve_diametervalve orifice diameter [m]
oil_densityoil density [kg/m^3]
linear_limitlaminar flow rate limit of 2 bar [N/m^2]
Cdflow discharge coefficient of the orifice

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