chrono::ChIntegrable1D< T > Class Template Referenceabstract


template<class T = double>
class chrono::ChIntegrable1D< T >

Base class for 1D integrand T=f(x) to be used in ChQuadrature.

Since the class is templated, the computed valued can be either a simple 'double' or a more complex object, like ChMatrixNM<..>. You must inherit your custom class from this base class, and implement your own Evaluate() method, for example:

class MySine : public ChIntegrable1D<double> { public: void Evaluate (double& result, const double x) { result = sin(x); } };

#include <ChQuadrature.h>

Public Member Functions

virtual void Evaluate (T &result, const double x)=0
 Evaluate the function at point x , that is result T = f(x)

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