chrono::ChStaticNonLinearRheonomicAnalysis::IterationCallback Class Referenceabstract


Callback interface for updating the system at each iteration.

For example, this can be used for incrementing the load or for updating speeds and accelerations.

#include <ChStaticAnalysis.h>

Public Member Functions

virtual void OnIterationBegin (const double load_scaling, const int iteration_n, ChStaticNonLinearRheonomicAnalysis *analysis)=0
 Perform updates on the model. More...

Member Function Documentation

◆ OnIterationBegin()

virtual void chrono::ChStaticNonLinearRheonomicAnalysis::IterationCallback::OnIterationBegin ( const double  load_scaling,
const int  iteration_n,
ChStaticNonLinearRheonomicAnalysis analysis 
pure virtual

Perform updates on the model.

This is called before each iteration. Load scaling must be in [0,1] and is used if the Newton loop uses continuation.

load_scalingload scaling
iteration_nactual number of iteration
analysisback-pointer to this analysis

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