Class for a Gauss point, that has a position (1D-3D) and a weight.

It also contains the strain and the stress tensor.

#include <ChGaussPoint.h>

Collaboration diagram for chrono::fea::ChGaussPoint:

Public Member Functions

 ChGaussPoint (int number, ChVector3d *coord, double weight)
 Create a Gauss point with given number, coordinates and weight.
ChVector3d GetLocalCoordinates () const
 Return local coordinates.
void SetLocalCoordinates (const ChVector3d &c)
ChVector3d GetCoordinates () const
 Return absolute coordinates.
void SetCoordinates (const ChVector3d &c)
 Set absolute coordinates.
double GetWeight () const
 Return integration weight of receiver.
void SetWeight (double w)
int GetNumber () const
 Return number of the point.

Public Attributes

 Matrix of partial derivatives: to obtain strain & stress.
ChStrainTensor Strain
 Strain tensor.
ChStressTensor Stress
 Stress tensor.

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