chrono::vehicle::ChAutomaticTransmissionShafts Class Referenceabstract


Template for an automatic transmission model using shaft elements.

This transmission template includes a torque converter and a manumatic gearbox.

#include <ChAutomaticTransmissionShafts.h>

Inheritance diagram for chrono::vehicle::ChAutomaticTransmissionShafts:

Public Member Functions

 ChAutomaticTransmissionShafts (const std::string &name)
 Construct a shafts-based automatic transmission model.
virtual std::string GetTemplateName () const override
 Get the name of the vehicle subsystem template.
virtual bool HasTorqueConverter () const override
 Return true if a torque converter model is included. More...
virtual double GetTorqueConverterSlippage () const override
 Return the value of slippage in the torque converter.
virtual double GetTorqueConverterInputTorque () const override
 Return the input torque to the torque converter.
virtual double GetTorqueConverterOutputTorque () const override
 Return the output torque from the torque converter.
virtual double GetTorqueConverterOutputSpeed () const override
 Return the torque converter output shaft speed.
void SetGearShiftLatency (double ml)
 Use this to define the gear shift latency, in seconds.
double GetGearShiftLatency (double ml)
 Use this to get the gear shift latency, in seconds.
virtual double GetOutputDriveshaftTorque () const override
 Return the transmission output torque on the driveshaft. More...
virtual double GetOutputMotorshaftSpeed () const override
 Return the transmission output speed of the motorshaft. More...

Protected Member Functions

virtual double GetTransmissionBlockInertia () const =0
 Set inertia of the transmission block.
virtual double GetIngearShaftInertia () const =0
 Inertias of the component ChShaft objects.
virtual double GetMotorshaftInertia () const =0
 Inertia of the motorshaft (connection to engine).
virtual double GetDriveshaftInertia () const =0
 Inertia of the driveshaft (connection to driveline).
virtual double GetUpshiftRPM () const =0
 Upshift and downshift rotation speeds (in RPM)
virtual double GetDownshiftRPM () const =0
virtual void SetTorqueConverterCapacityFactorMap (std::shared_ptr< ChFunction_Recorder > &map)=0
 Set the capacity factor map. More...
virtual void SetTorqeConverterTorqueRatioMap (std::shared_ptr< ChFunction_Recorder > &map)=0
 Set the torque ratio map. More...

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetOutputDriveshaftTorque()

double chrono::vehicle::ChAutomaticTransmissionShafts::GetOutputDriveshaftTorque ( ) const

Return the transmission output torque on the driveshaft.

This is the torque that is passed to the driveline subsystem, thus providing the interface between the powertrain and vehicle systems.

Implements chrono::vehicle::ChTransmission.

◆ GetOutputMotorshaftSpeed()

double chrono::vehicle::ChAutomaticTransmissionShafts::GetOutputMotorshaftSpeed ( ) const

Return the transmission output speed of the motorshaft.

This represents the output from the transmision subsystem that is passed to the engine subsystem.

Implements chrono::vehicle::ChTransmission.

◆ HasTorqueConverter()

virtual bool chrono::vehicle::ChAutomaticTransmissionShafts::HasTorqueConverter ( ) const

Return true if a torque converter model is included.

A ChAutomaticTransmissionShafts includes a torque converter model.

◆ SetTorqeConverterTorqueRatioMap()

◆ SetTorqueConverterCapacityFactorMap()

virtual void chrono::vehicle::ChAutomaticTransmissionShafts::SetTorqueConverterCapacityFactorMap ( std::shared_ptr< ChFunction_Recorder > &  map)
protectedpure virtual

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