FSI module


Fluid-Solid Interation modeling and simulation.

This module provides support for modeling multi-phase systems for fluid-soild interaction problems and granular-solid interaction problems. When compiling this library, remember to define CH_API_COMPILE_FSI (so that the symbols with 'CH_FSI_API' in front of them will be marked as exported). Otherwise, just do not define it if you link the library to your code, and the symbols will be imported.

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 Physics objects
 Physics objects for the Chrono::FSI module. Including the fluid dynamics system, force system, interface with Chrono core module, simulation parameters, and data structures.
 Collision objects
 Collision objects handles the neighbor particle searching in Chrono::FSI module.
 Linear solvers
 Class for solving a linear linear system via iterative methods. Only works when I2SPH or IISPH is set to solve the fluid dynamics.
 Modeling utilities
 Handles utilities including creating BCE particles, setting parameters via a JSON file, and output data into files with specified format.
 Math utilities
 Math utilities for the Chrono::FSI module. These functions can be invoked either on the CPU (host) or on the GPU (device)


 Namespace with classes for the FSI module.