chrono::fea::DampingCoefficients Struct Reference


This damping model supports you to assign different Rayleigh damping coefficients for different dimensions, which would be helpful for those anisotropic material, such as wind turbine blade.

Note, the square of these four parameters(bx/by/bz/bt) are the beta coefficient of Rayleigh damping model of beam element. alpha is the mass-proportional damping coefficient. Because the mass matrix might be lumped or consistent type, for the sake of simplification, the mass-proportional damping matrix is evaluated simply as Rm+=alpha*M, instead of four different values as stiffness-proportional term. This damping model is used in ChElementBeamTaperedTimoshenko and ChElementBeamTaperedTimoshenkoFPM. For more background theory, please refer to: [1]. Hansen, M. H. (2001). Anisotropic damping of Timoshenko beam elements. (Denmark. Forskningscenter Risoe. Risoe-R; No. 1267(EN)).

#include <ChBeamSectionTaperedTimoshenko.h>

Public Attributes

double bx
 damping coefficient along x axis (axial)
double by
 damping coefficient along y axis (shear) and about z axis (bending)
double bz
 damping coefficient along z axis (shear) and about y axis (bending)
double bt
 damping coefficient about x axis (torsion)
double alpha = 0.0
 mass-proportional damping coefficient, be zero as default

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