chrono::fea::ChLoaderBeamWrenchDistributed Class Reference


Distributed constant wrench.

Loader for a constant wrench (force+torque) distributed on a beam. An distributed wrench on the beam contains a "force per unit length" and a "torque per unit length"

#include <ChLoadsBeam.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ChLoaderBeamWrenchDistributed (std::shared_ptr< ChLoadableU > mloadable)
virtual void ComputeF (double U, ChVectorDynamic<> &F, ChVectorDynamic<> *state_x, ChVectorDynamic<> *state_w)
 Evaluate F = F(u) for this line load. More...
virtual int GetIntegrationPointsU ()
void SetForcePerUnit (const ChVector3d &mf)
 Set force per unit length (ex. [N/m] )
ChVector3d GetForcePerUnit () const
void SetTorquePerUnit (const ChVector3d &mt)
 Set torque per unit length (ex. [Nm/m] )
ChVector3d GetTorquePerUnit () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from chrono::ChLoaderUdistributed
 ChLoaderUdistributed (std::shared_ptr< ChLoadableU > mloadable)
virtual void ComputeQ (ChVectorDynamic<> *state_x, ChVectorDynamic<> *state_w) override
 Compute the generalized load Q = integral (N'*F*detJ du), using the ComputeF method. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from chrono::ChLoaderU
 ChLoaderU (std::shared_ptr< ChLoadableU > mloadable)
void SetLoadable (std::shared_ptr< ChLoadableU > mloadable)
virtual std::shared_ptr< ChLoadableGetLoadable () override
std::shared_ptr< ChLoadableUGetLoadableU ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from chrono::ChLoader
virtual bool IsStiff ()

Additional Inherited Members

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std::shared_ptr< ChLoadableUloadable
- Public Attributes inherited from chrono::ChLoader
ChVectorDynamic Q

Member Function Documentation

◆ ComputeF()

virtual void chrono::fea::ChLoaderBeamWrenchDistributed::ComputeF ( double  U,
ChVectorDynamic<> &  F,
ChVectorDynamic<> *  state_x,
ChVectorDynamic<> *  state_w 

Evaluate F = F(u) for this line load.

The vector F is set to zero on entry. The function provided by derived classes is called by ComputeQ to perform integration over the domain.

Uparametric coordinate in line
Fresult vector, size = field dim of loadable
state_xif != 0, update state (pos. part) to this, then evaluate F
state_wif != 0, update state (speed part) to this, then evaluate F

Implements chrono::ChLoaderU.

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