Parameters used to define a lidar.

#include <ChOptixDefinitions.h>

Public Attributes

float max_vert_angle
 angle of the top-most lidar channel
float min_vert_angle
 angle of the bottom-most lidar channel
float hFOV
 horizontal field of view of the lidar
float max_distance
 maximum distance measureable by the lidar
float clip_near
 near clipping distance to geometric considerations
unsigned short sample_radius
 radius of samples for discretizing the lidar beams
LidarBeamShape beam_shape
 the beam shape
float horiz_div_angle
 divergence angle of the beam horizontally (in radians)
float vert_div_angle
 divergence angle of the beam vertically (in radians)
float2 * frame_buffer
 buffer where the lidar data will be placed when generated

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