chrono::robosimian::RoboSimianVisualSystemIrrlicht Class Reference


Customized Chrono Irrlicht visualization system for RoboSimian.

Provides a simple GUI with various stats and encapsulates an event receiver to allow visualizing the collision shapes (toggle with the 'C' key).

#include <RoboSimianVisualSystemIrrlicht.h>

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Public Member Functions

 RoboSimianVisualSystemIrrlicht (RoboSimian *robot, RS_Driver *driver)
 Construct a RoboSimian Irrlicht application. More...
virtual void Render () override
 Render the Irrlicht scene and additional visual elements.
- Public Member Functions inherited from chrono::irrlicht::ChVisualSystemIrrlicht
 ChVisualSystemIrrlicht (ChSystem *sys, const ChVector3d &camera_pos=ChVector3d(2, 2, 2), const ChVector3d &camera_targ=ChVector3d(0, 0, 0))
 Auto-initialized run-time visualization system, with default settings.
virtual void AttachSystem (ChSystem *sys) override
 Attach another Chrono system to the run-time visualization system. More...
void SetAntialias (bool val)
 Enable/disable antialias (default true). More...
void SetFullscreen (bool val)
 Enable/disable full-screen mode (default false). More...
void SetShadows (bool val)
 Enable/disable shadows (default false). More...
void SetDriverType (irr::video::E_DRIVER_TYPE driver_type)
 Set the device driver type (default irr::video::EDT_DIRECT3D9). More...
void SetWindowSize (unsigned int width, unsigned int height)
 Set the window size (default 640x480). More...
void SetWindowTitle (const std::string &win_title)
 Set the windoiw title (default ""). More...
void SetWindowId (void *window_id)
 Set the window ID. More...
void SetCameraVertical (CameraVerticalDir vert)
 Use Y-up camera rendering (default CameraVerticalDir::Y). More...
CameraVerticalDir GetCameraVertical ()
 Tells if the current camera vertical mode is Y or Z.
void SetLogLevel (irr::ELOG_LEVEL log_level)
 Set the Irrlicht logging level (default irr::ELL_INFORMATION). More...
void SetSymbolScale (double scale)
 Set the scale for symbol drawing (default: 1).
virtual void Initialize () override
 Initialize the visualization system. More...
void AddLogo (const std::string &logo_filename=GetChronoDataFile("logo_chronoengine_alpha.png"))
 Add a logo in a 3D scene. More...
virtual int AddCamera (const ChVector3d &pos, ChVector3d targ=VNULL) override
 Add a camera in an Irrlicht 3D scene. More...
virtual void AddGrid (double x_step, double y_step, int nx, int ny, ChCoordsys<> pos=CSYSNORM, ChColor col=ChColor(0.1f, 0.1f, 0.1f)) override
 Add a grid with specified parameters in the x-y plane of the given frame. More...
void UpdateGrid (int id, const ChCoordsys<> &csys)
virtual void SetCameraPosition (int id, const ChVector3d &pos) override
 Set the location of the specified camera.
virtual void SetCameraTarget (int id, const ChVector3d &target) override
 Set the target (look-at) point of the specified camera.
virtual void SetCameraPosition (const ChVector3d &pos) override
 Set the location of the current (active) camera.
virtual void SetCameraTarget (const ChVector3d &target) override
 Set the target (look-at) point of the current (active) camera.
void AddSkyBox (const std::string &texture_dir=GetChronoDataFile("skybox/"))
 Add a sky box in a 3D scene. More...
irr::scene::ILightSceneNode * AddLightDirectional (double elevation=60, double azimuth=60, ChColor ambient=ChColor(0.5f, 0.5f, 0.5f), ChColor specular=ChColor(0.2f, 0.2f, 0.2f), ChColor diffuse=ChColor(1.0f, 1.0f, 1.0f))
 Add a directional light to the scene. More...
irr::scene::ILightSceneNode * AddLight (const ChVector3d &pos, double radius, ChColor color=ChColor(0.7f, 0.7f, 0.7f))
 Add a point light to the scene. More...
irr::scene::ILightSceneNode * AddLightWithShadow (const ChVector3d &pos, const ChVector3d &aim, double radius, double near_value, double far_value, double angle, unsigned int resolution=512, ChColor color=ChColor(1, 1, 1), bool directional=false, bool clipborder=true)
 Add a point light that cast shadow (using soft shadows/shadow maps) Note that the quality of the shadow strictly depends on how close 'near_value' and 'far_value' are to the bounding box of the scene. More...
void AddTypicalLights ()
 Simple shortcut to set two point lights in the scene. More...
void AddUserEventReceiver (irr::IEventReceiver *receiver)
 Attach a custom event receiver to the application.
void EnableShadows (std::shared_ptr< ChPhysicsItem > item=nullptr)
 Enable shadow maps for all visual models in a scene or only for a single physics item. More...
void EnableContactDrawing (ContactsDrawMode mode)
 Enable contact rendering (default: none). More...
void EnableLinkDrawing (LinkDrawMode mode)
 Enable rendering of link (joint) frames (default: none). More...
void EnableBodyFrameDrawing (bool val)
 Enable rendering of body frames (default: false). More...
void EnableLinkFrameDrawing (bool val)
 Enable rendering of link frames (default: false). More...
void EnableCollisionShapeDrawing (bool val)
 Enable rendering of collision shapes (default: false). More...
void EnableAbsCoordsysDrawing (bool val)
 Enable rendering of the absolute coordinate system (default: none). More...
virtual void EnableModalAnalysis (bool val) override
 Enable modal analysis visualization (default: false). More...
virtual void SetModalModeNumber (int val) override
 Set the mode to be shown (only if some ChModalAssembly is found).
virtual void SetModalAmplitude (double val) override
 Set the amplitude of the shown mode (only if some ChModalAssembly is found).
virtual void SetModalSpeed (double val) override
 Set the speed of the shown mode (only if some ChModalAssembly is found).
virtual void SetModalModesMax (int maxModes) override
 Set the maximum number of modes selectable (only if some ChModalAssembly is found).
void ShowProfiler (bool val)
 Show the realtime profiler in the 3D view.
void ShowExplorer (bool val)
 Show the object explorer.
void ShowInfoPanel (bool val)
 Show the info panel in the 3D view.
void SetInfoTab (int ntab)
 Set the active tab on the info panel. More...
irr::IrrlichtDevice * GetDevice ()
irr::video::IVideoDriver * GetVideoDriver ()
irr::scene::ISceneManager * GetSceneManager ()
irr::scene::ICameraSceneNode * GetActiveCamera ()
irr::gui::IGUIEnvironment * GetGUIEnvironment ()
void * GetWindowId () const
 Get the window ID.
virtual void BindAll () override
 Process all visual assets in the associated ChSystem. More...
virtual void BindItem (std::shared_ptr< ChPhysicsItem > item) override
 Process the visual assets for the spcified physics item. More...
virtual void UnbindItem (std::shared_ptr< ChPhysicsItem > item) override
 Remove the visual assets for the specified physics item from this visualization system.
virtual int AddVisualModel (std::shared_ptr< ChVisualModel > model, const ChFrame<> &frame) override
 Add a visual model not associated with a physical item. More...
virtual int AddVisualModel (std::shared_ptr< ChVisualShape > shape, const ChFrame<> &frame) override
 Add a visual model not associated with a physical item. More...
virtual void UpdateVisualModel (int id, const ChFrame<> &frame) override
 Update the position of the specified visualization-only model.
virtual bool Run () override
 Run the Irrlicht device. More...
virtual void Quit () override
 Terminate the visualization system.
virtual void BeginScene () override
 Perform any necessary operations at the beginning of each rendering frame.
virtual void BeginScene (bool backBuffer, bool zBuffer, ChColor color)
 Clean the canvas at the beginning of each rendering frame.
virtual void RenderFrame (const ChFrame<> &frame, double axis_length=1) override
 Render the specified reference frame.
virtual void RenderCOGFrames (double axis_length=1) override
 Render COG frames for all bodies in the system.
virtual void EndScene () override
 End the scene draw at the end of each animation frame.
irr::gui::IGUIFont * GetMonospaceFont () const
 Return a fixed-size font for rendering GUI.
void SetJPEGQuality (unsigned int quality)
 Set the JPEG quality level (between 0 and 100) for saved snapshots (default: 0). More...
virtual void WriteImageToFile (const std::string &filename) override
 Create a snapshot of the last rendered frame and save it to the provided file. More...
bool GetUtilityFlag () const
 Get internal utility flag value.
void SetUtilityFlag (bool flag)
 Set internal utility flag value.
irr::SIrrlichtCreationParameters GetCreationParameters () const
 Get device creation parameters.
void SetCreationParameters (const irr::SIrrlichtCreationParameters &device_params)
 Set device creation parameters.
std::vector< std::shared_ptr< RTSCamera > > GetCameras () const
 Get list of cameras defined for the scene.
- Public Member Functions inherited from chrono::ChVisualSystem
virtual ChVector3d GetCameraPosition () const
 Get the location of the current (active) camera.
virtual ChVector3d GetCameraTarget () const
 Get the target (look-at) point of the current (active) camera.
void UpdateCamera (int id, const ChVector3d &pos, ChVector3d target)
 Update the location and/or target points of the specified camera.
void UpdateCamera (const ChVector3d &pos, ChVector3d target)
virtual double GetSimulationRTF () const
 Return the simulation real-time factor (simulation time / simulated time). More...
virtual double GetSimulationTime () const
 Return the current simulated time. More...
void SetImageOutputDirectory (const std::string &dir)
 Set output directory for saving frame snapshots (default: ".").
void SetImageOutput (bool val)
 Enable/disable writing of frame snapshots to file.
std::vector< ChSystem * > GetSystems () const
 Get the list of associated Chrono systems.
ChSystemGetSystem (int i) const
 Get the specified associated Chrono system.


class RS_IEventReceiver

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from chrono::ChVisualSystem
enum  Type {
  Type::IRRLICHT, Type::VSG, Type::OpenGL, Type::OptiX,
 Supported run-time visualization systems. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from chrono::ChVisualSystem
bool m_initialized
std::vector< ChSystem * > m_systems
 associated Chrono system(s)
bool m_write_images
 if true, save snapshots
std::string m_image_dir
 directory for image files

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ RoboSimianVisualSystemIrrlicht()

chrono::robosimian::RoboSimianVisualSystemIrrlicht::RoboSimianVisualSystemIrrlicht ( RoboSimian robot,
RS_Driver driver 

Construct a RoboSimian Irrlicht application.

robotassociated RoboSimian robot
driverassociated robot driver

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