chrono::sensor::ChGPSSensor Class Reference


GPS class.

This class uses the reference location of a simulation and spherically maps the cartesian space simulation onto a sphere, calculating the latitude, longitude, altitude relative to the Earth's surface. The reference location defines what GPS coordinates are associated with the origin of the simulation. The mapping is performed such that the +Z-axis points up, +X-axis points East, and the +Y-axis points North.

#include <ChGPSSensor.h>

Inherits chrono::sensor::ChDynamicSensor.

Public Member Functions

 ChGPSSensor (std::shared_ptr< chrono::ChBody > parent, float updateRate, chrono::ChFrame< double > offsetPose, ChVector3d gps_reference, std::shared_ptr< ChNoiseModel > noise_model)
 Class constructor. More...
 ~ChGPSSensor ()
 Class destructor.
virtual void PushKeyFrame ()
virtual void ClearKeyFrames ()
const ChVector3d GetGPSReference () const
 Get the GPS reference location.


class ChFilterGPSUpdate

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ChGPSSensor()

CH_SENSOR_API chrono::sensor::ChGPSSensor::ChGPSSensor ( std::shared_ptr< chrono::ChBody parent,
float  updateRate,
chrono::ChFrame< double >  offsetPose,
ChVector3d  gps_reference,
std::shared_ptr< ChNoiseModel noise_model 

Class constructor.

parentBody to which the sensor is attached.
updateRateRate at which the sensor should update.
offsetPoseRelative position and orientation of the sensor with respect to its parent object.
lagLag time between end of data collection and when data becomes available to the user.
collection_windowCollection time over which the sensor should collect data from the simulation.
gps_referenceReference location in GPS coordinates (longitude, latitude, altitude) of simulation origin
noise_modelThe noise model that should be used for augmenting the GPS data.

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