chrono::sensor::ChNoiseModel Class Referenceabstract


Noise model base class.

#include <ChNoiseModel.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ChNoiseModel ()
 Class constructor.
 ~ChNoiseModel ()
 Class destructor.
virtual void AddNoise (ChVector3d &data)=0
 Function for adding noise to data. More...
virtual void AddNoise (ChVector3d &data, float last_ch_time, float ch_time)=0

Member Function Documentation

◆ AddNoise()

virtual void chrono::sensor::ChNoiseModel::AddNoise ( ChVector3d data)
pure virtual

Function for adding noise to data.

datadata to augment

Implemented in chrono::sensor::ChNoiseRandomWalks, chrono::sensor::ChNoiseNormalDrift, and chrono::sensor::ChNoiseNone.

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