chrono::fsi::ProximityDataD Struct Reference


Struct to store neighbor search information on the device.

Public Member Functions

void resize (size_t s)

Public Attributes

thrust::device_vector< uintgridMarkerHashD
 gridMarkerHash=s(i,j,k)= k*n_x*n_y + j*n_x + i (numAllMarkers);
thrust::device_vector< uintgridMarkerIndexD
 Marker's index, can be original or sorted (numAllMarkers);.
thrust::device_vector< uintcellStartD
 Index of the particle starts a cell in sorted list (m_numGridCells)
thrust::device_vector< uintcellEndD
 Index of the particle ends a cell in sorted list (m_numGridCells)
thrust::device_vector< uintmapOriginalToSorted
 Index mapping from the original to the sorted (numAllMarkers);.

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