chrono::vehicle::ChRotationalDamperRWAssembly Class Referenceabstract


Base class for a torsion-bar suspension system using a rotational damper (template definition).

#include <ChRotationalDamperRWAssembly.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ChRotationalDamperRWAssembly (const std::string &name, bool has_shock=true)
virtual std::shared_ptr< ChBodyGetCarrierBody () const override
 Get a handle to the carrier body.
< ChLinkLockRevolute
GetArmRevolute () const
 Get a handle to the revolute joint of the arm.
virtual double GetMass () const override
 Get the total mass of the roadwheel assembly. More...
virtual void Initialize (std::shared_ptr< ChBodyAuxRef > chassis, const ChVector<> &location) override
 Initialize this suspension subsystem. More...
virtual void AddVisualizationAssets (VisualizationType vis) override
 Add visualization assets for the suspension subsystem.
virtual void RemoveVisualizationAssets () overridefinal
 Remove visualization assets for the suspension subsystem.
void LogConstraintViolations () override
 Log current constraint violations.
- Public Member Functions inherited from chrono::vehicle::ChRoadWheelAssembly
 ChRoadWheelAssembly (const std::string &name)
GuidePinType GetType () const
 Return the type of track shoe consistent with this road wheel.
std::shared_ptr< ChRoadWheelGetRoadWheel () const
 Return a handle to the road wheel subsystem.
std::shared_ptr< ChBodyGetWheelBody () const
 Get a handle to the road wheel body.
< ChLinkLockRevolute
GetWheelRevolute () const
 Get a handle to the revolute joint of the road-wheel.
double GetWheelRadius () const
 Get the radius of the road wheel.
- Public Member Functions inherited from chrono::vehicle::ChPart
 ChPart (const std::string &name)
 Construct a vehicle subsystem with the specified name. More...
const std::string & GetName () const
 Get the name identifier for this track shoe subsystem.
void SetName (const std::string &name)
 Set the name identifier for this track shoe subsystem.
void SetVisualizationType (VisualizationType vis)
 Set the visualization mode for this subsystem.

Protected Types

 Identifiers for the various hardpoints. More...

Protected Member Functions

virtual const ChVector GetLocation (PointId which)=0
 Return the location of the specified hardpoint. More...
virtual double GetArmMass () const =0
 Return the mass of the arm body.
virtual const ChVectorGetArmInertia () const =0
 Return the moments of inertia of the arm body.
virtual double GetArmVisRadius () const =0
 Return a visualization radius for the arm body.
virtual ChLinkForceGetTorsionForceFunction () const =0
 Return the function for torsion force.
virtual ChRotSpringTorqueCallbackGetShockTorqueCallback () const =0
 Return the callback function for shock force.

Protected Attributes

bool m_has_shock
 specifies whether or not the suspension has a damper
std::shared_ptr< ChBodym_arm
 handle to the trailing arm body
< ChLinkLockRevolute
 handle to the revolute joint arm-chassis
< ChLinkRotSpringCB
 handle to the shock link
- Protected Attributes inherited from chrono::vehicle::ChRoadWheelAssembly
GuidePinType m_type
 type of the track shoe matching this road wheel
std::shared_ptr< ChRoadWheelm_road_wheel
 road-wheel subsystem
- Protected Attributes inherited from chrono::vehicle::ChPart
std::string m_name

Member Enumeration Documentation

Identifiers for the various hardpoints.


arm location


arm, connection point to road wheel


arm, connection point to chassis

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

chrono::vehicle::ChRotationalDamperRWAssembly::ChRotationalDamperRWAssembly ( const std::string &  name,
bool  has_shock = true 
[in]namename of the subsystem
[in]has_shockspecify whether or not the suspension has a damper

Member Function Documentation

virtual const ChVector chrono::vehicle::ChRotationalDamperRWAssembly::GetLocation ( PointId  which)
protectedpure virtual

Return the location of the specified hardpoint.

The returned location must be expressed in the idler subsystem reference frame.

double chrono::vehicle::ChRotationalDamperRWAssembly::GetMass ( ) const

Get the total mass of the roadwheel assembly.

This includes the mass of the roadwheel and of the suspension mechanism.

Implements chrono::vehicle::ChRoadWheelAssembly.

void chrono::vehicle::ChRotationalDamperRWAssembly::Initialize ( std::shared_ptr< ChBodyAuxRef chassis,
const ChVector<> &  location 

Initialize this suspension subsystem.

The suspension subsystem is initialized by attaching it to the specified chassis body at the specified location (with respect to and expressed in the reference frame of the chassis). It is assumed that the suspension reference frame is always centered at the location of the road wheel and aligned with the chassis reference frame.

[in]chassishandle to the chassis body
[in]locationlocation relative to the chassis frame

Reimplemented from chrono::vehicle::ChRoadWheelAssembly.